Welcome to Pure Positive!
You are here to be loved.
We want you to feel welcomed, encouraged, supported, inspired, and adored!
You are always surrounded by love.
All the time.
Even if you are the only human around right now, you are surrounded and loved by all of nature.
By the grasses and bushes and trees near you.
By any and all clouds or rain drops or sunrays or snowflakes if it is day, and the moonlight and stars if it is night.
The birds and squirrels and spirits of the earth greet you.
Beings unseen care for and protect you.
Your ancestors love to see what you’re up to and celebrate life through you.
They are thrilled to have taken part in your journey into being.
If you have pets, they have surely chosen you as much as you have chosen them.
They live to love you, make your days happier, and invite you to experience play and joy in as many moments as possible.
You are never alone and you will never be alone.
You are meant to be here.
You came at the perfect time.
You are doing wonderful things in this life.
And you are doing them right.
You are loved!