Life is breathing you.
It inhales you to experience all that you are, and exhales you to share every delicious morsel that is you with the rest of the world.
Inhale, exhale.
Inhale, exhale.
The air wraps around you, and longs to give you life.
Nitrogen and oxygen swirl and dance together in a rush to fill your lungs and animate your being.
This magical potion loves to live in you.
It then moves on, infused with the delicious recipe that now includes your particles.
It flows through your home, your neighborhood, town, and country to share you with all other beings.
As you exhale you feed all plant life and it gratefully receives your essence.
The drumbeat of life itself lives inside you and connects you with everything and everyone.
You are part of the heartbeat of the planet.
You are dancing the dance called life.
Your body has grown from the materials and nutrients of this earth.
You are an absolutely essential, vital, and treasured part of this life and this earth.
It would not be fulfilled without you.
Your consciousness, your breath, your thoughts, and your love fuels and nurtures the earth, and it loves fueling and nurturing you back.
The entire world is so glad you are here – you belong to us, and we belong to you.